Award Categories

Dozens of businesses and organizations are recognized awards across seven distinct categories in two regions: Northwest Indiana and Michiana.

Banking and Financial
Recognizing excellence in banking and finance, this category includes banks, credit unions, investment firms and financial advisers. These businesses provide services like banking, lending, investment management and financial planning.
Business Services
Highlighting businesses that support other enterprises, this category includes consulting firms, marketing agencies, accounting services and technology solutions providers. These companies offer expertise and resources to foster growth and success for their clients.
Community and Education
Celebrating organizations dedicated to community enrichment and education, this category includes nonprofits, community centers and educational institutions. Also find categories for minority-, veteran- and women-owned businesses.
Construction and Real Estate
Acknowledging excellence in construction, development and property management, this category features builders, contractors, real estate agencies and property managers. These businesses are known for their quality craftsmanship and commitment to the built environment.
Events and Entertainment
Recognizing businesses that provide memorable experiences, this category includes event planners, venues, catering services and entertainment agencies that enhance community vibrancy through events, festivals and entertainment experiences.
Health and Wellness
Focusing on businesses that promote health and well-being, this category features health care providers, fitness centers, spas and wellness coaches. These businesses help individuals lead healthier lives through services like medical care, fitness and nutrition.
Legal and Insurance
Acknowledging businesses that provide legal and insurance services, this category includes law firms, attorneys, insurance agencies and brokers. These businesses offer expertise and protection in legal matters and risk management.

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